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 STEPS Pest Control and Lawn Care  

According to the Department of Energy over 50% of energy used in the average american home is due to Inadequate Insulation and Air leakage. Call today to Set up a Free in home Inspection 904-310-4284 (4BUG)

Our Pest Control Insulation Gives you Triple Benefits of up to 32% Greater energy efficiency, Superior Acoustical Benefits and the added value of Pest Control that is permanent. With over 85% Recycled Materials It is Green and Energy Star labeled!

Attic insulation

  • Attic Insulation Install of EPA Registerd Pest Control Insulation
  • Removal of old Damaged or Hazardous Insulation
  • Sterilization and Attic HEPA Vacuum Service with Pest Exclusion
  • Blown In Insulation 

Why Choose a Licensed Pest control company For Insulation Service? 

Its simple, STEPS can offer the same Energy Saving , Sound Adsorbing,Fire Resistant and Environmentally Friendly Blow in Cellulose attic Insulation with one Extra Benefit that separates us from other companies.

Our Insulation  Controls PEST!